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Hello friend.

If you've reached this page, it's possible you followed an old link somewhere. used to point to one of two tumblr blogs at different points between 2012 and 2016.
You can still find both of those blogs via direct links below if you're interested. I have no intention of deleting them.

[May 2012 - Oct 2012] — | | — [Oct 2012 - March 2016]

If you're wondering what I've been up to since 2016, well, the short answer is "nothing that will be published anytime soon" unfortunately.
My day job since 2018 has been in the IT sector and it keeps me busy, but that hasn't stopped me from working towards rebuilding my magnum opus.
Progress has been slow, not just because I turtle everything, but also because I've decided that I'll be self-publishing on a self-hosted website.
Which inevitably brings us here. As of August 2022 I've consolidated all my domains, including this one, to point only at my own infrastructure.

If it sounds like I have an obsession with doing everything myself: Yes. Absolutely. I'm writing my own laws of physics for this story.
I started writing fan fiction in 2012 because I've always been better at worldbuilding than character creation.
That remains true to this day, but I like to imagine I've gotten a lot better at character creation since then.

When I finally actually publish my magnum opus, I plan to fire up my YouTube channel to promote it.
I'll stream video games to build the audience. Being an influencer is easy, right?

Okay, maybe not, but I've unintentionally gathered tens of thousands of subscribers thanks to a viral remix.
Ironically, I only made that remix because I needed background music for my fan fiction.
We're coming full circle in a way.

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line via email: contactϭsunderbrazecom
Any former readers who contact me before I go public will get early access for free.
It's the least I can do for subjecting you to my early unedited content :)

Take care.